Simple Appointment Management with DoTreat.

The Convenient & Smart Booking Management Solution for your Salon!

Easy to use

Designed with ease of use in mind — no need for computer experience. DoTreat simplifies your job and lets you focus on what you do best!

Fixed & simple pricing

For smaller salons, we offer our Starter version free of charge. For the premium version, you pay a fixed monthly price without any commission or hidden fees.

Multi-client appointments

It is now easier than ever to handle appointments for multiple clients (couples, friends) who wish to be served simultaneously.

The booking software for:

DoTreat is the perfect fit for a wide range of businesses, such as:

Beauty spas

Thai massage

Hair salons

Massage salons

Nail salons

Barber shops

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Designed with simplicity in mind

DoTreat is carefully designed to be as easy as possible to use. During development, we collaborated with salon staff with many years of experience working in beauty salons but with limited tech experience. With this in mind, our goal has been to make it simple and intuitive enough for anyone to use.


Make better use of your time

We designed the interface to be as simple and clean as possible, with only the relevant information showing. Suppose you run a smaller salon without a dedicated receptionist. In that case, you are well aware of situations where more than one client needs your attention simultaneously. DoTreat lets you handle your bookings as quickly and swiftly as possible so that you can focus on what is truly important – your customers and yourself!


Let your clients do the booking

When you sign up with DoTreat, your salon will get an online booking homepage where your clients can view information about your salon and book appointments. All types of appointments, including those with multiple clients and simultaneous services, can be booked through this page. By letting your clients book their appointments themselves, you will not have to take those phone calls and can focus more on serving your clients!

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Core feature

Multi-client appointments

The area where DoTreat truly shines!


Dual staff appointments

These days it is quite popular for clients to visit beauty spas and massage salons together with a friend, family member, or significant other. We have put great effort into making these types of appointments as simple as possible. You can create services with two staff members, such as couples massage (duo massage) and 4-hands massage. Your clients can then book these services directly through your online booking homepage.

Multi-service appointments

Let's say a couple wants to visit your salon together and book two different services. The Mrs. wants a pedicure. She also wants to be served by her favorite staff member since she is a regular. Her husband wants a massage, but he has no preference for a staff member since it's his first visit to your salon. They will then be able to add both of these services on your online booking homepage and search for available time slots where your staff can serve them simultaneously. DoTreat is the only system on the market that supports this!


Frequently asked questions

Can my clients book appointments online?

Absolutely. You will get a homepage with an address in the form:
Your clients will then be able to make appointments through this page. You can also present photos and information about your salon on this page.

Can I use DoTreat for more than one salon?

Yes, you can create as many salons as you want. Whether you own multiple salons or are a web admin or technician hired by salon owners, you can create multiple salons. For each salon, you can create user accounts for each staff member.

What type of device or computer do I need?

DoTreat supports a wide variety of devices. We recommend that you download our iOS or Android app for phones and tablets. If you have a newer Apple computer (with Apple silicon), you can also install the app from the Mac App Store and run it on your Mac. For other devices, you can use our web app in your browser.

Can my staff also use the booking app?

Yes, you can invite your staff to join your salon from the app. They can then download the booking app and create their own accounts.


Check out the annual plan for a discounted price.



100 appointments per month

Booking app

Online booking page



Unlimited appointments

Booking app

Online booking page

Online booking: Custom colors and logo

Extended setup support

DoTreat uses a fixed price structure. We do not charge a percentage on your appointments; you will not be charged extra, no matter how many appointments you have!

The free version allows for up to 100 appointments per month. No payment method or credit card needs to be registered.

Feature list

Check out the documentation for more details.

Services with multiple durations

Services with multiple staff members

Appointments with multiple services in sequence (for one person)

Appointments with multiple services in parallel (for multiple persons)

Real-time calendar updates

Prepare & Restore time

Display of service prices

Alternative prices during specific days/hours

Future price changes

Advanced resource management

Currently supported languages: English and Swedish

Email confirmations and automatic reminders

Staff and salon photos for the online booking homepage

Push notifications

New Features Ahead

Take a look at the new features we're planning to introduce in the near future.

Elevate Your Business with DoTreat

Don't let outdated appointment management hold you back! Upgrade to DoTreat and experience the benefits of modern and convenient scheduling. With the ability to access and manage your appointments from anywhere, you'll have greater control over your business.

Today, more and more clients are turning to online booking for convenience. By offering an online booking homepage through DoTreat, you'll attract new customers and increase bookings. Make the smart choice for your business and take it to the next level with DoTreat.

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