For the basics of appointments, check out the introduction. Here we'll go through a few more parts of the appointment window:

  1. The Appointment type. Will be either Staff booking, for appointments booked by staff in the venue app, or Self-booking, for appointments booked by clients on the self-booking homepage.
  2. Tap the + or − buttons to add or remove services from the appointment.
  3. Use this bar to select the service to view. The appointment in the image currently has two services added, which can be seen as there are two buttons (1 and 2) in the bar.
  4. An optional note you can write for the appointment. Anything you write here will not be visible to the client or anywhere else in the system.

Self-booking appointments

Whenever a client books an appointment on the self-booking homepage, it will immediately show up in the calendar. The client may optionally leave a message when making an appointment. Whenever such a message has been written in an appointment, there will be an asterisk next to the time, indicating that you should open the appointment and read the message before the appointment is due. An example of how this may look in calendar:

... ...

In this example, the client has specifically requested that staff member Robin should perform the service, which can be seen as the name is surrounded by two dots. If the client does not request a specific staff member, the system will automatically choose the staff member with the least number of appointment hours on that day. In those cases, the client will not receive information about what staff member that should perform the service, so in those cases you can freely change the staff member as you please.

To set the requested staff member yourself from the appointment window, select the staff member and then tap and hold the staff member name for 1 second. If you are using a device with a mouse, this is done by right-clicking the name instead of tap-and-hold.

Staff breaks

This is a special type of appointment that you can use if a staff member won't be available for a period during a day. To add a staff break, start adding an appointment as usual and select Staff break as service type. Then just enter the start and end times of the break and tap Save.