User accounts

On the user accounts page, you can set up accounts for each user who needs access to the venue app. Note that there is no direct connection between a staff member and a user account. A salon can of course have staff members working that will never use the venue app themselves, so there is no requirement to set up user accounts for all of them.

You can, however, absolutely do so if you want to – there is no limit to the number of user accounts that you can create, and they will not count towards the maximum of 3 staff members that can be created if you're using the Basic subscription type.

There are two different access levels that can be used: Admins and Operators. An Admin have full access to the venue app and can change the settings. Operators only have access to the calendar page, which means that they are restricted to handling appointments and staff shifts.

When you add a new user, you enter the email address of the user. The user will receive an invitation email with instructions on how to register with DoTreat. Once registered, the user will have access to your venue.